Networking: How Did Aneesh Chopra Begin?

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How does one become the George Washington of Federal Chief Technology Officers?Aneesh Chopra accredits his success to one incident that occurred while he was a researcher for the current CEO of the Atlantic Media Company, David Bradley.

As a new owner of an advisory board company and corporate executive board in the early 1990s, Bradley was wondering how he could incorporate the new enthusiasm and pace of investment from the Dot Com frenzy into his research business. Aneesh suggested that Bradley attend an event sponsored by the Indian CEO Council (now a chapter of Indus Entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C.). Members of the Indian CEO Council are some of  the top technology innovators in the Northern Virginia area.

“I wasn’t very close to him, and I was just sort of mid-level in the company,” Aneesh has said. “We spent 30 minutes at the Indian CEO event and I had introduced him to 12 executives who in a period of three minutes each blew him away with all that was possible.”

Bradley wanted to use the information he learned from these executives of consequence to further expand his company, first by placing Aneesh on his Advisory Board.

Aneesh accredits this single event to his fast paced transition from the private to the public sector. If Aneesh hadn’t exposed Bradley to the opportunity of incorporating top innovations into his newly founded company, Aneesh may not have jump started his career, becoming the Secretary of Technology from Governor Kaine in
2006.  And, without that opportunity he would not have been given the opportunity to be Federal CTO.

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