5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

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I recently crossed  over 2,000 contacts on LinkedIn.   When I first started on LinkedIn in 2003, I never could imagine that I would reach that many contacts.  I thought I would share how LinkedIn has helped me.

1)      I meet hundreds of executives each year in my life as a professional eater.   It helps me keep track of everyone—especially folks when they change jobs.

2)      I keep my contacts open for others to view.  This way, I can help people with job searches or with reference checks and deciding the best contact for me to reach out to in my database.

3)      I like InMail a lot.   An InMail is a private message to or from a LinkedIn member who is not your connection. You can receive InMail free if you indicate that you are open to receiving InMail messages on the Account & Settings page.  I pay $100.00 a month as a premium member to reach out to executives whom I don’t know via LinkedIn.  It has worked well in my business and I would recommend that you try it as well.

4)      It helps with your on-line brand.  When I do searches on executives names on Google, LinkedIn always appear very high on the first page.   The next time you do a search on someone, you should pay attention if LinkedIn appears on the first page.  Your profile will allow you to promote your interests outside work.  For example, I promote I am on the Board of SECAF

5)      Use Status Updates.  I am always surprised how some of my status updates get forwarded around to the larger business community.  I would encourage you to experiment with your LinkedIn status to enhance your personal brand.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile.  Let me know your thoughts/stories on how you have used LinkedIn.

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