Career Transition Coach Stan Krejci: How To Have A Successful Interview

Posted on May 18, 2011, by , under Featured Interview.

Stan Krejci, founder of the career and transition consulting company SK Group LLC, talks about how to have a great interview and why even start-up companies need a board of advisors.

How would you describe your personal brand?

Preparing individuals and building company borads for the future.

What do most professionals get wrong when they are interviewed?

They talk too much. Their answers are not strategic but generally more tactical or laced with too many stories from the past. They are not concise, focused. They are not concentrating on addressing “what they can do for the company” but seem to be more interested in what the company can do for them.

What sort of questions should someone asking when looking to hire a coach?

a.What is the process?

b. What are the anticipated outcomes?

c. What is the cost?

d. Will I be able to work effectively and confidentially with the coach?

e. Is the coach willing to provide references?

f. What is the background of the coach?

Why is having a Board of Advisors important to small and growing companies?

A Board of Advisors (which has a focus on corporate governance, fiduciary responsibilities, and strategic direction v. a business development board) enables an entrepreneurial founder to think outside of his/her comfort zone; almost daring him.her to be “great.” They can surround themselves with quality and experienced advisory board members who have walked their walk, encountered road blocks, had successes and even some failures that will enable the company on whose board they sit to more effectively achieve the company’s strategic goals, growth objectives, etc. They will get honest, unfettered feedback from individuals who have the best interest of the company.

How has being “connected” to the right people helped your career or business?

It opens doors to opportunities and highly talented and successful people and companies. It enhances my capabilities in being a better career consultant and provides exposure to a wider pool of strong individuals who can provide expertise to companies, whether as a new leader or as a member of a company’s board of directors.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

That I took up painting after a 50 year hiatus although my finished work puts me at the bottom of the artistic talent pool! However, fun and relaxing.

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