Communications Expert Shana Glickfield: How To Use Social Media

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Shana Glickfield, partner at the public affairs communications group Beekeeper, discusses the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when building a personal brand. The goal of the Beekeeper Group is to lead the public affairs sector “towards a community-based, hive-driven approach.” Glickfield also lists some basic first steps when starting your online brand.

What is your background?

I actually have a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Policy and a law degree from Temple University, but somehow ended up with a career in digital communications.

What are some basic/simple ways individuals can build their personal online brand if they are not extremely tech savy?

It’s important that people take the time to create a personalized web destination to steer people to for professional networking.  I think that’s it’s really easy to create a website even if you are not tech savvy through tools like WordPress or, but if that is too intimidating then just use LinkedIn.

How have you used social media to advance your career/business?

I use Facebook as my rolodex and use it constantly to share news, events, and generally keep in touch with my network.

How do you build trust when working on your personal brand?

I try to walk the fine line of sharing enough information that I connect on deeper level with people online, but not so much that I overshare or make people uncomfortable.

What do individuals often do wrong when trying to build their brand?

People often think cultivating a personal brand means always talking about yourself.  I’m a big follower of Keith Ferrazzi (author of Never Eat Alone) who suggests to always find ways to help and get to know others as way of building your brand and network.

What social media tool works best for personal branding and why?

Twitter!!!  It’s short and immediate, and therefore less overwhelming than long form blogging.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Despite my obsession with all things digital, I still use a paper calendar/planner.    Shhh…..

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