The IT Federal Dashboard: What Works

Posted on July 27, 2010, by , under News.

Vivek Kundra just recently noted the success and future of the first Federal IT Dashboard on the White House Blog Page late last week.  Vivek insists that the IT Dashboard is continuing to help monitor and increase government efficiency by providing benchmarks and attainable goals for Government IT projects, something Vivek refers to as “cutting the fat.” Information discovered by this project will contribute to the TechStat Accountability Sessions under the OMB.

The OMB and Vivek reform of government IT projects is part of a larger effort to modernize how government does its business under the Obama Administration.

As Vivek puts it, “Being smarter in how we invest in technology can help us make sure that government is both more efficient and more effective.  That is why CIOs across the Federal government are focused on making sure that we halt, terminate or turnaround troubled technology investments and develop recommendations in the next four months to address structural issues that for too long have plagued Federal IT.”

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