The Top Three Ways To Brand Yourself: By Dan Schawbel

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Branding Guru Dan Schawbel recently wrote an article discussing why personal brand is important specifically for small businesses owners.

I enjoyed his article and I fundamentally agree with his points. Personal branding is often overlooked when starting a business but executives who are neglecting to brand themselves are behind even before they get out of the gate.

It is critical for an executive to create a name not only for his or her business but for themselves. In these uncertain economical times, many businesses are struggling. However, if you have a strong personal brand, your brand can help you become “economy-proof,” (even if your company is not).

The question I get constantly at The Tower Club, “JD, this all sounds great, but how can I actually start to improve my personal brand?” Schawbel offered three simple ways to do this and I decided to highlight them and elaborate.

How To Brand Yourself:

Attract Attention/Find Your Niche –
Become an expert in something that relates to your company. This will increase your value; you will become an asset to the company instead of just being another employee. Next time someone needs help or advise with your “expertise” you will be the first in line to offer a solution.

Creating A Personal Website-
A great way to test your brand is to Google your name.  What comes up? Are you on the first couple titles or are you tucked away buried deep in the 45th page? If you start your own website you can brand yourself throughout your entire career even after you change jobs. Social media is a great free and easy branding tool.

Brand yourself by associating with larger brands-
This can mean everything from associating with well-respected companies or creating relationship with well-respected people. Studies show that networking is the number one way to find jobs and more opportunities. The more people you meet the more networking you can do. Never underestimate the power of a smile and a strong handshake.

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